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Family Service Program

Family Service Program (FSP)

Our service program requires that each family perform 20 hours of service a year. Due to the on-going pandemic and limited school activities, we will only require 10 hours of service for the 2021-2022 school year. The purpose of the Family Service Program is to expand the participation of parents and families in our school community in the hopes of achieving more successful fundraising and creating more school spirit.  We want families to feel a part of and involved in our school community. There are plenty of opportunities to help whether it is during or after school. Hours are tracked through each SignupGenius’ sent out per event. The SignUpGenius will also specify if you need or do not need to be VIRTUS trained to volunteer. For example: donating supplies/food for an event does not require to be VIRTUS training but volunteering in-school during school hours does. If you volunteer, you need to ensure the coordinator of the event records your name and hours volunteered.

Families who do not complete the 20 hours of service are required to make a payment of $200 or $10 for each hour not completed. For the 2021-2022 school year, there will be NO service hour pay-outs or penalties. We would prefer that families find a way to volunteer in some capacity.  The school needs everyone’s support. Letters will be sent home in December and April with your up-to-date hours.


Points of Contact for FSP and VIRTUS: